Smartmi Standing Fan 3

Natural Breeze
sfrom Dynamic
“Hacker Tech”

· Unique dynamic sensory breeze algorithm
  unlocks mystery of natural breezes for
  their authentic reproduction
· Up to 20 hours’ cordless use*, anywhere
· App, AI voice, and Bluetooth smart control options
· At-a-glance operating status display on HD LED
· Sleep undisturbed in breezes from a
  brushless variable frequency DC motor

$ 149.99

Unlocks the mystery of breezes
for their authentic reproduction

Dynamic sensory breeze algorithm replicates
natural wind’s frequency spectrum

We collected samples from various natural winds, analyzed their speeds,
directions, and instantaneous & mean values, combining the results with a
proprietary algorithm in order to reproduce their irregular frequency spectrum,
capturing the variety and sensory detail of natural wind.

Real natural wind’s
speeds over time

Natural wind simulated by Smartmi
Standing Fan’s random algorithm

An average AC fan’s natural
wind at 4 preset speeds

*Data Source: Smartmi laboratory

Mimics breeze feel with 7 blades

Forward swept fan blades with refined air inlet angles, for delicate
wind changes mimicking the soft sensations of natural breezes.

Brushless DC motor for an authentic breeze

Stepless speed adjustment combined with a cutting-edge
algorithm reconstructs the feeling of continuously-changing breezes.

Cordless use for limitless possibilities

Up to 20 hours’ cordless use
High mobility, easy to move anywhere

Four-hour charge of built-in lithium batteries provides 20 hours’ cordless use.
Enjoy cool natural breezes anytime, anywhere, with or without a power supply

AI Voice + App + Bluetooth Remote Control

Smart control
Summon a Breeze at Will

Unlock some functionality via app, or link with other smart devices.

Smartmi Air Purifier P1
Timer on/off
Smartmi Air Purifier P1
100 adjustable fan speeds*
Smartmi Air Purifier P1
Child lock
Smartmi Air Purifier P1
Smart connectivity
Smartmi Air Purifier P1
Set oscillation angle
Smartmi Air Purifier P1
Adjust screen brightness

AI voice control

Summon a natural breeze with a few words

Smartmi Air Purifier P1
Google Assistant

Bluetooth remote control

No need to point at the fan Control from any direction

Smartmi Air Purifier P1
Bluetooth remote control

Scientific noise cancellation design

A gentle, noiseless breeze
makes good company

Designed with scientific noise cancellation, emits soft breezes,
creating a forest-like environment for you.

fan grills

Deflect airflow,
reducing noise

7 soft-wind

Swept fan blades section
for noise reduction

Minebea brushless
DC motor

No carbon brush
friction, no noise

motor enclosure


Fan operating status
at a glance

Check the fan operating status
anytime on HD LED display

Hassle-free assembly
Cleaning is a breeze

Start cooling your space in under 5 minutes:
simply connect the component, and turn it on.

Package Contents

Product Parameters

Working Mode

4 levels Wind Speed

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

100 Wind Speed*App Only



Two Difference Mode




4 Angles
Horizontal Oscillate

2 Angles
Vertical Oscillate
25° upwards/15° downwards

Operation mode

App + AI voice + Bluetooth remote controlText

Google Assistant

Mijia App


Button Control


Net Weight
Rated voltage
Rated power
Battery type
Rated capacity of battery

Smartmi Standing Fan 3
340mm × 330mm × 960mm
DC standing fan
Lithium-ion battery pack

* 20 hours’ cordless use: On a full charge, the Smartmi Standing Fan 3 can operate at Level 1 speed in standard mode for about 20 hours, with oscillation switched off. The data comes from the Smartmi laboratory, and actual values may be different based on the specific environment.
* Charges immediately on plug-in; takes 4 hours for a full charge: When turned off, the Smartmi Standing Fan 3’s built-in lithium battery pack can be fully charged within 4 hours. The data comes from the Smartmi laboratory, and actual values may be different based on the specific environment.
* 100 fan speeds only available via “Mi Home / Xiaomi Home” app.
* Please avoid using in overly moist or wet environments or placing the fan pedestal in significantly hot areas to avoid electrocution or heat-damage.