Smartmi Smart Fan Heater Launched


「Smartmi Smart Fan Heater」, a new product launched this year, has been introduced onto the Xiaomiyoupin Crowdfund app and priced at 799 yuan.

The 90° ultra-wide angle and 2,000 W rapid heating capabilities make it the ideal choice for you this winter.

Smart remote control warms up the room immediately.

This product will be given free of charge to the first 10,000 crowdfunding users who make a full payment. They will also be given a Smartmi humidifier worth 249 yuan.

When crowdfunding ends, 20 users who gave 1 yuan will be selected via lottery to receive a free Smartmi Smart Fan Heater worth 799 yuan.



Powerful 2,000 W Heating, 90° Ultra-Wide Angle

The Smartmi Smart Fan Heater uses a high-performance ceramic heating element to provide 2,000 W of powerful heating, allowing the airflow to heat up swiftly once it passes through the heating area. Only 10 seconds are required to bring the heating element to a stable temperature for continuous warm airflow output.

The 90° ultra-wide angle dynamic heating covers a wider area, with warm and cozy airflows reaching every corner of the room.



Two Modes, Four Preset Times

The Smartmi Smart Fan Heater switches easily between mild and warm modes, as well as the four preset times (1, 2, 4, and 8 hours), addressing the needs for various environments and time periods.

Unique angled fan blades cut down on air resistance and reduce overall friction while producing strong and comfortable breezes. With noise levels as low as 35.6 dB(A), you'll never be disturbed, whether you're working during the daytime or sleeping at night.



Automatic Power Cut-off if Unit Overheats or is Accidentally Knocked Over

The Smartmi Smart Fan Heater is made of RoHS certified environmentally friendly materials. It therefore does not develop unpleasant odors and possesses greater thermostability, which significantly improves safety performance.

Built-in power cut-off in the event of the unit being knocked over and overheating protection both let you sleep worry-free at night and feel safe turning the heater on using your phone on the way home.



Four Control Modes for Smart Heating

In addition to the buttons on the unit, the Smartmi Smart Fan Heater also comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote controller. This makes common operations such as turning the heater on/off and adjusting levels and timer settings simple and convenient, all without having to point the controller at the device.

The Smartmi Smart Fan Heater can be controlled using two smart control modes; by AI voice or remotely using phone apps.

If you're unable to locate the controller in the morning and don't feel like getting out of bed, all you have to do is speak a few words or open the "Mi Home" app, and you'll be warm in no time.

The Smartmi Smart Fan Heater can also coordinate with products simultaneously connected to the "Mi Home" app, including the Smartmi Antimicrobial Humidifier and Mi Air Purifier, to adjust the ambient temperature, humidity, and freshness to your preference.

 Smartmi smart fan heater


Compact and Easy to Store

The Smartmi Smart Fan Heater only takes up 0.05㎡. It can be placed anywhere in a 10 ㎡ bedroom of a shared apartment or a closed cubicle, and can be stored anywhere without taking up too much space.

The Smartmi Smart Fan Heater is now posted for in-stock crowdfunding on Xiaomiyoupin Crowdfund and Xiaomiyoupin Youyu. The first 10,000 users that make a full payment of 799 yuan will receive an additional Smartmi humidifier worth 249 yuan and may be selected as one of the five lucky users to receive the Smart Fan Heater for free.

When crowdfunding ends, 20 users who gave 1 yuan will be selected via lottery to receive a free Smartmi Smart Fan Heater, worth 799 yuan. The winners of the drawing will be announced after crowdfunding.