Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S Launched

On October 15th, the Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S will be launched on the Xiaomiyoupin Crowdfunding app with a price tag of 449 yuan. As the second generation of Smartmi's smart heating devices, the Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S boasts high heating efficiency, smart control, and rapid heating that doesn't dry out the room.


The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S has a built-in Wi-Fi module, and can be connected to both the "Mi Home" app and Mi AI Speaker for smart control. Use your phone to turn on the heater on your way home and enjoy a warm and toasty house when you arrive. If it's a chilly morning and you don't want to get out of bed, just tell Mi AI, the AI voice assistant, to turn the heater on for you. 

Smartmi smart convector heater

The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S utilizes convection heating, relying on air circulation for natural heating. This prevents the uncomfortable feeling of being in a baking oven that comes with traditional electric heaters, while having less impact on the surrounding humidity. As a result, the room is not dried out during the heating process.

The new specially crafted honeycomb air grate uses angled blades to direct heated air upwards while also ensuring close-range heating, allowing you and others to gather around for "fireside chats".

The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S utilizes 72 built-in aluminum heating plates which electrically transfer and disperse heat, along with 2,200 watts of power that warms up the room quickly.

The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S has a flexible heating range of 16-28°C. Dual internal temperature sensors along with constant intelligent temperature control automatically regulate heating output once the room has reached the preset temperature, maintaining optimal warmth and comfort within the room. This also reduces energy consumption while keeping the temperature stable, a break from the typical high power consumption of other electric heaters.

The brightness of the Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S touchscreen display can be adjusted to make temperature and humidity readings clear at a glance. One-key operation makes adjusting the temperature and display brightness a breeze. The screen brightens during the day to be seen clearly, and dims at night to be easy on the eyes for undisturbed sleep.

Smartmi smart convector heater


When it comes to safe operation, power to the internal sensors is automatically cut off in the event the unit is knocked over. Overheating protection ensures that power to the heater is automatically cut if the main unit exceeds 45°C or if the internal unit exceeds 85°C, thus preventing safety hazards at night or when the unit is left unattended.  

The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S adopts a simple but exquisite design. Its slim frame weighs only 6 kg, so light that even the elderly or children can move it easily. IPX4 rated water resistance allows for usage in the bathroom.

Smartmi smart convector heater


The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S will be introduced onto Xiaomiyoupin at 10:00 a.m. on October 15th. Despite improvements in overall performance, it will still be priced at 499 yuan. What's more, buyers who place an order before noontime on October 15th will also receive an additional Smartmi Car Inverter worth 229 yuan. Anyone interested in this product should not miss this opportunity.

Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S Launched: Rapid Heating Without Drying out the Room, and Thoughtful Care with Smart Control